Google+: A force to be reckoned with

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For one thing I was forced to get a G+ account because there was a pop-up on every Google window that I don’t have one.

And just when I thought I had evaded the pains of signing up, I HAD to open one because I had to +1 something to see more details.

And that’s how I was bullied into opening a G+ account :)

My thoughts: Why do I need this? Everyone I want to be in touch with is on Facebook! (Or Twitter, or LinkedIn – these cover all categories – good friends, just friends, acquaintances, colleagues, professional network et al.)

I’m sure you’ve thought of it, too. So, where does Google+ figure in this competitive social media space? And what chances of survival does it have in comparison with social media mammoth – Facebook?

Here’s an interesting infographic I found, and must say, was quite surprised with what I learnt.

Facebook vs. Google+

Infographic - Facebook vs. Google+


Why Google+?

Having seen that the entire objective of Google+ was starkly different from Facebook’s, the concept of Circles started making perfect sense, to me.

With Google+, it’s not so much about personal connections as it is about common interests. So, the whole idea that anybody on the Google network can add you to their Circles – means they want to connect with you because of a common interest/opinion they share. Which is why you can go easy on your privacy settings, so you can keep browsing away and +1- ing away on the Google+ network (the option to lock, protect or guard your data is always available).

But since, we’re all tuned to the Facebook way of functioning, this seems a bit too intrusive to some of us. We need to un-Facebook ourselves to understand the functionality and actual potential of Google+.

But that’s only as far as your personal page and your personal interests go – when it comes to business and marketing, it’s a whole other ball game.

Here’s an interesting article I found on SocialMedia Examiner on why you should not overlook Google+ when it comes to marketing. The article also includes a podcast of an interview with Jesse Stay, the author of several books including Google+ for Dummies and Google+ Marketing for Dummies.

He cites 4 ways that Google+ can help your marketing and hence your business:

  • Improve your search results in Google
  • Bring social connections into your YouTube videos
  • Add a CRM experience into Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Build connections through Google Hangouts

Business Insider, too, has an interesting article on the rise of Google+ which includes some great data and analysis.

So, it won’t be the best thing to write off Google+ yet. Don’t be swayed by the beautiful user interface (UI), user experience (UX) or the cool Hangout communities. Google has entered the space for the long haul and as I said – it’s a force to be reckoned with!

Let us know what you think of the article. Would you like to see a part 2 on best practices? Write to us in the comments below.


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