As work is increasing in futurON, so is the need to increase bandwidth of talent. We are constantly scouting for new talent in social media – from strategist, content writer to analyst. Therefore, obviously, we are lucky to find some interesting talent out there…but on the flipside we are also seeing what’s lacking in the pool of candidates who are looking for social media work.

This blog is an attempt to help those who want to seriously work within the social media industry and get picked by companies with real social media plans!

Before you decide to scout for a social media role, ask yourself – WHY?

1) Are you looking to get into social media because you have tons of Facebook friends and you think ”this translates into talent”?
2) Is it because social media is being spoken about everywhere and is the ‘in thing’?
3) Is it because you think that a social media job = chilling on your favourite social platform all day long updating status messages?
4) Is it because you are under 25 and that’s all you need?

Well – I really hope you can see where I am going with this. Clearly social media marketing entails much more than status updates and needs talent beyond your friends/family list on Facebook.


I am not going to discuss how much goes into developing social media marketing strategies and execution plans, instead I would like to help explain how you can get that social media role that you are applying for… knowing that you can achieve results in that role for the organization.

Well, for starters since you are applying for a social media role – please take it for granted that sending in your resume and covering letter with references will just not suffice. Your online profile will be scrutinized for knowledge, content, writing skills, frequency, influence, and more. And trust me – competition is TIGHT!

So here are a few pointers to help you out:

1) What does Google have to say about you?

When someone types your name on a search engine like Google/Bing/Yahoo – what comes up first? Is it an embarrassing photo of you in a party or is it a professional picture of you in a conference or is it your adventurous hiking pose or are you just completely absent!

2) Is your knowledge beyond the big three or four platforms?

There is a world beyond Facebook and Twitter! How do your profiles look in platforms like Slideshare, Pinterest, WordPressLinkedIn? Each of these platforms can actually give a 360 degree brand image around your personality – what you read, what you ‘like’, what you pin, whether you have an opinion at all, what are your values and what defines you.

Believe it or not – your online profile is like a horoscope that can make or break your career.

3) Have you showcased your knowledge or opinion – are you passionate?

Whether you want to become a content writer or a social media analyst – you have to start writing in some form or the other. So once you start doing that, what stands out is – what kind of knowledge are you sharing? Is your writing style safe or edgy? Do you have opinions on things that matter? Are you passionate?

4) Is your content original

There is only that much you can do with retweets and liking other blogs. How original is your content? Are you commenting on other links – beyond a compliment or complain? Are you just copy-pasting stuff across the web to create a fake identity? Do YOU’ exist in your content? Are you worth hiring full-time for a company?

5) Does it look like you are enjoying it?

Are you having fun with what you do? Do you enjoy using creative platforms, new blogs, and exciting Instagram pictures? If you enjoy and make being ‘online savvy’ a hobby – any company would love to have you and your enthusiasm on board.

I understand that some might say that doing all of the above could be risky since you are just putting yourself out there – more than just a resume. But at the end of the day, if you are not confident in your own skin (there really is no point hiding behind a covering letter), it will show eventually – whether it’s at the first or last stage of the interview process – or even after you get hired.

Don’t waste your time and the recruiter’s time – make sure you really enjoy social media before you apply for that job. Since it really is beyond status messages!


Do you have any more points to add? What are your thoughts? Trust me – I can’t wait to hear more on this topic, so please leave your comments below – look forward to it!

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6 Responses to “To those looking for a social media job…do your homework!”

  1. Major Lakshmanan Says:

    Very apt and useful blog.. well covered, especially when just being on the facebook or posting an odd tweet is misconstrued as writing skill. I am not sure if it is already included, but it might be good idea to include the social media aspect in many of the courses, like mass communication, as part of the curriculum.

  2. Arshya Says:

    Thanks for your response. Good point – maybe a follow up blog on what courses could be relevant to get into social media? :)

  3. Mike Whitmore Says:

    Very much agreed with the premise of this article. And, don’t forget, social media marketing is WORK.

    We look for candidates who not only have a social media presence, but have results to show for it. Just like any other job focus on accomplishments. What did you do or change or accomplish.

    Lots of social media is being brought in-house as companies bring more results-driven focus to their social media spend.

  4. Arshya Says:

    Thanks Mike! Exactly my point – what have you achieved that you can re-create for us?!

    Cheers for your comment and thanks for sharing the blog!

  5. Susan Daniels Says:

    Love this article. I have four years experience on the big social media venues, but no luck yet in getting work :) Good article.

  6. Arshya Says:

    Thanks Susan…appreciate your feedback. Wish you all the best with your endeavours, let me know if I can help in any way.

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